As a registered repair facility we work closely with all insurance companies including out of state carriers.

You have just been in a car accident. What should you do? Here is a quick list to assist you in making your accident a more “Pleasant” experience.

  • Move all involved vehicles out of traffic if it’s clear
  • Turn your car off
  • Check to make sure everyone is okay. Make sure no one needs medical attention. Do not move a driver if they are injured it could make things much worse
  • Call 911 for police assistance if necessary.
  • Remove debris from the road that could cause damage to another car.
  • Get names of any witnesses who may have seen the accident
  • Make a drawing of how the accident happened, which way each car was traveling and be sure to note the date and time and weather conditions
  • Do not discuss fault with anyone but the police
  • Notify your insurance company immediately and make sure you exchange policy information
  • Auto accidents are never “Pleasant”. If you are in an accident, stay calm, follow the steps above and call Pleasant Auto Body we’ll help you turn your accident into a “Pleasant” experience. We’ll work with your insurance company and repair your vehicle the right away!

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